Keen to discover more about the history of the Foundling Hospital? Find below a list of books and materials relating to the Foundling Hospital, its supporters and the eighteenth century.

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Morley, Jane, ESSAY: How can Alison Landsberg’s definition of ‘prosthetic memory’ be critically applied to describe the concept of a museum of memory?  Discuss with reference to one museum of your choice (Silke Arnold-de Simine)

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The working papers of the Foundling Hospital from 1731 right up to the late twentieth century are at the London Metropolitan Archives. Documents that identify individual children are closed for 110 years after the latest date in them. This includes personal files and items like registers that cover a long span. The British Library catalogue lists 141 items, some of which are on this list. The content covers the main site and the out-hospitals and describes books, pictures, sermons, anthems, regulations, accounts and criticisms. Journal articles will be there also but not listed by individual contributor, only by the journal title.