Discover the life and legacy of one the eighteenth-century’s best-known composers.

George Frideric Handel was one of the Baroque era’s greatest composers, writing works such as the Messiah that continue to be loved today. Born in Germany, he had a successful career in London and became friends with members of the royal family. His fame still continues but how much do you know about this musical star?

In this special display in our Handel Gallery, discover more about the man behind the name as we delve into his will. This unique item held in our collection gives a rare glimpse into Handel’s personal as well as his professional life, revealing his social networks. We uncover those named in his will – and those who weren’t – including individuals and charities such as the Foundling Hospital, demonstrating his compassion for those less fortunate. Portraits of individuals named in his will are displayed alongside rarely-seen documents and musical scores from the archives.

This display offers a unique opportunity to explore one of the most treasured items in our collection, and to learn more about one of London’s celebrated composers.

Free with admission.