Don’t Ask The Dragon is the story of a little boy called Alem who goes on an adventure. It's his birthday, but who knows where he can go to celebrate it? Maybe the bear, the fox, the treefrog or the bulldog know? But don't ask the dragon... or he will EAT you!

Find out more about the collaborative process of creating this delightful picture book through our display of original drawings, sketches and ideas. Come and listen in on the conversation between author Lemn Sissay and artist Greg Stobbs as they worked together. See the story grow from the first idea, through explorations and versions of how the main characters would look and move, to the final finished book. Follow Alem’s journey as he makes important discoveries, including what it means to feel at home.

Don’t Ask the Dragon by Lemn Sissay, illustrated by Greg Stobbs, and published by Canongate Books Ltd, will be available in the Museum shop from 24 February.


But don’t just take our word for it…

‘Lemn’s dragon is one we all need to meet, want to meet. A dragon with kind teeth, a friend-dragon. A Lemn-dragon! We have grandchildren who will love it. Grandpa loved it too’ MICHAEL MORPURGO

‘The story is perfectly matched by the wonderful illustrations and I love the message of home being inside you’ MALORIE BLACKMAN

‘A lovely book, simple and yet profound. There should be a copy in every nursery’ JACQUELINE WILSON

‘A stunning new rhyming folk tale for our time, about someone who wonders where is home. The answer is surprising but it tells us all, from the youngest reader to the oldest that you can find home so long as you've got friends. It's moving, loveable and philosophical, in other words, great mind-soup!’