Fire Choir is a community choir led by award-winning folk singer and Foundling Fellow Sam Lee, in partnership with The Nest Collective.

This new, ‘open to all’ community choir is dedicated to revitalising communal singing with political empowerment and a sonorous means to protest at its heart. Highlighting social and environmental injustice, Fire Choir builds on the Museum’s centuries-old legacy of social change, campaigning and creativity. Singers tap into the enormous and ancient international repertoire of songs rooted in social change, justice and emancipation. Material includes folk songs, modern songs, anti-war songs, songs of resistance and struggle, the natural world, songs of love and lost worlds. A generous aspect of the Fire Choir repertoire has been specially-commissioned from the perspective of contemporary communities struggling for a louder voice in society, written by some of the UK’s best songwriters and composers. Plus to keep the spirits high there is of course lots of good old rabble-rousing, soul-lifting chants and hollers!

Fire Choir is led by Sam Lee as artistic director, alongside several other choir leaders and music makers bringing a diverse number of musicians to help create a new community of voices. The choir is a vehicle to take these songs to the streets, the auditoria, the recording studio and many other as yet unknown places.

If you want to channel your love for this world or discontent with it through singing, or just discover your voice with like-minded (or unlike-minded) others, then Fire Choir is for you. 

Sing with us

The group will meet for rehearsals on Monday evenings from 18:30 - 20:15 in the Foundling Museum’s beautiful Picture Gallery. No previous experience is necessary and absolute beginners are welcome.

Spring term: 5 February - 30 April 2018

Summer term: 14 May - 16 July 2018

Autumn term: 10 September - 26 November 2018

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For more information contact us on +44 (0)20 7841 3595 or email