A display of textile-based work developed with members of Mind in Camden and multidisciplinary artist Charlene Sandy.

Over a period of seven weeks, participants attended a series of workshops exploring embroidery and printmaking, inspired by a needlework sampler in the Foundling Museum collection.

During their weekly sessions, the group experimented with various stitching techniques and image transfer processes. They also made their own screens for silk screen printing. These approaches were brought together to create mixed media works drawing on source imagery that ranged from personal photographs to objects encountered in the Foundling Museum. Many of the participants tried new things for the first time and enjoyed combining different methods and styles in one piece.

All the participants worked in their own ways, testing new materials and ideas, and learning from one another. The techniques used had very different paces: the slow and methodical nature of embroidery contrasts with the instant manifestation of a screen print. One of the pieces in the display called Salvaged Acceptance speaks to the ways in which the group welcomed and celebrated the unexpected by embracing the creative process.