We presented a new photographic exhibition which documented the living conditions of London’s most disadvantaged children.

In partnership with The Childhood Trust, Bedrooms of London presented a new body of work by photographer Katie Wilson highlighting the damaging consequences for children arising from the shortage of social housing in London. Focusing on the spaces in which children are sleeping, the photographs were shown alongside first-hand narratives from families collected and written by Isabella Walker, and offered a poignant insight into the lives and experiences of children living in poverty across London.

In a city where extreme poverty and wealth exist side-by-side, Bedrooms of London made visible the often shocking and unseen reality of home life for the 700,000 children currently living below the poverty line in our capital, and challenged the prejudices and stereotypes associated with child poverty. Shown in the context of the Foundling Museum, the exhibition built on the story of the Foundling Hospital, highlighting the situation for some of London’s most vulnerable children.

The Childhood Trust was supported in producing this project by award-winning social change communications firm GOOD Agency. The exhibition was created in partnership with the Foundling Museum.

If this exhibition inspired you to want to help improve the situation for London’s 700,000 children living in poverty, here’s what you can do:

  • You can make a donation to The Childhood Trust and directly help to support a disadvantaged child in London
  • You can become better informed by reading the Trust’s report on the housing crisis and its devastating impact on children
  • You can get involved with charities in your local area who are tackling the impact on children of hunger, homelessness and social exclusion

You can do all these things by visiting www.childhoodtrust.org.uk.


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