Sir Quentin Blake: Story Writing & Illustration Competition

Inspired by this new illustration from Sir Quentin Blake, discover this brand new tale, unfolding over 10 weeks with the stories and illustrations that children have been sending in. Find out how to take part here.

Read the story so far below...

Nature Heals Me

Chapter 1, by Luce Turner, aged 16 years

Sharp beams of light cascaded towards Willow, touching her face with a gentle glow. The air hung low, a humid, sticky layer hovering over the tall grass at her feet. Amongst the thick air was a quiet buzzing; an ecosystem of creatures majestically communicating. Aside from the hum of the nature around them, all that could be heard was the movement of the girl and Harold's feet as they waded through the grass, which stood proud, towering above the ground below where tiny ants worked away, carrying nature on their backs.

They looked up as they heard a squawk above me, a pair of birds darting across the sky in desperate search for prey. Their hearts lightened.

Willow's focus changed to beside her, where Harold, the grey long beaked heron, strolled. He wasn’t too happy that she hadn’t been engaging in conversation with him, so was gently pecking her leg!

Willow could feel exhaustion creeping up on her and the combination of the glaring sun and her itchy smocked dress was making her long for some cool shade.

They were searching for a water source; somewhere they could settle down in respite from the dusty heat. They were hoping to do some swimming and fishing for the evening. Harold was planning some skilled flying and diving, and Willow was planning to make a camp fire, however at this stage the chance of finding water seemed unlikely.

As they focused on the stony path, a tiny animal could be heard softly crying, and as Willow's foot hit something soft, a loud bang from behind….