Join us for a vibrant and immersive weekend at "A Celebration of Ukrainian Culture."

Come and join this fun and creative session where children can learn the craft of paper flower-making. Artist, Francesca Centioni-Dene will show how to make sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine.

Francesca Centioni believes in encapsulating her philosophy through maintaining a sense of freedom. Francesca’s practice is based on the use of printmaking, alternative photographic processes and collage. She often explores themes of ecology, abstraction and specifically the interrelationship between identity, reality and the imagined. Francesca’s work investigates the potential that can be experienced through extending dialogues and accidental discovery. Her poetic and often instinctual approach allows the work to act as fleeting encounters and found thoughts.

Space is limited so pre-booking is recommended.

Supported by Wikborg-Rein