The story

The dormitory was cramped, dark with hardly any air and the orphans gasping for breath. They were hardly sleeping, feeling scared and alone. The moon was shining like a bedside lamp and the stars reflected in the distance like a bedtime story. The few foundlings asleep curled up in their beds like cocoons dreaming of a memory of an unmet mother. However, a few were jumping on the shrivelled beds, having a huge pillow fight. Sat in the corner all alone curled a girl named Rose. She kept herself shy and timid. Her face hid behind her glasses almost like a mask. Her dry unhealthy hair brushed the floor, and she sat there knowing she had a deep dark secret.

There was a chewed mouse hole under her bed where a mouse named Humphrey slept. Whilst the other foundlings where making a fuss she snuck quietly under her bed. Hidden under the bed was her battered black book. As she flicked through the crumpled pages, the usual a trail of words led her to the word, ‘shrink’ and at the same moment Humphrey shot out and licked her, and she felt the familiar swirling feeling, making herself shrink!

She looked down at herself and Humphrey, then noticed she was teenyweeny and her dull brown Foundling Hospital uniform had turned into a glistening brown and white superhero costume with a giant F on the front. Her glasses had become a red superhero mask. Humphrey was mouse sized, and wearing a red super-mouse costume, with a big F on it.  He looked pleased. Rose pushed her mask glasses up, grabbed Humphrey’s soft fur, swung up onto his back and they set off…

(Olivia Turner, aged 11)


…down the long corridor. ‘These must be doors into the rooms of the foundling hospital’ said Rose to Humphrey, who squeaked in reply. Humphrey looked at Rose and his tummy rumbled loudly. Rose realised she was ravenous and that being a superhero was hungry work. She opened a door slowly to see a large room with a sink. ‘It must be the kitchens’ she thought to herself. Humphrey twitched his nose and rubbed his tummy. A delightful smell led the pair towards a vast steaming pot of sweet porridge. It smelt delicious, of honey and milk, so they dipped their paw and hand into it with excitement and shoved lots into their mouths. It dripped down their delighted faces onto the floor in big splashes.

From behind the vat, the tiny superhero’s saw a large round woman enter the room. She had on a dirty white apron with the words, ‘cook’ on the front, which was covered in slime and food. Rose gasped and whispered “its Mrs Grumpet (the crumpet)! Her greasy, gravy coloured grey hair was pulled severely back and her sweaty hands were dirty. Her face was flushed a pinky red and her grey eyes were narrow and evil looking.

Mrs Grumpet (the crumpet), staggered towards the splashes of porridge on the floor….

(Becky Williams, aged 12)


She looked VERY cross! Her fat cheeks, were bright purple. She wobbled as she walked.

‘Is anyone there?’ she snapped.

Suddenly she stood on a big splash of wet slimy porridge and her leg shot into the air.

She landed on her back, her legs in the air and her shoes had flown off. Her nasty, dirty apron was stuck to her face.

She wriggled and wiggled. She puffed and sweated.

She tried to get up, but kept on slipping down. Her tights were all slimy now, so she was skating on the porridge. As she tried to get up, her arm knocked the side of the vat, making tonnes of warm wet porridge pour all over her and the room!

She sat up and thick honey porridge poured down her front. The two superheros shuddered as they watched, their hiding place had now gone!

But Mrs Grumpet (the crumpet) had so much porridge in her eyes she couldn’t see anything….yet!

(Jamie Knight, aged 10)

“Quickly Humphrey, run!” squealed Rosie. 

Wiping the porridge from her eyes, Mrs Grumpet (the crumpet) shouted “Now, where have they gone?” 

Out of nowhere Humphrey’s friend My Flyder appeared and said: “Don’t worry Humphrey and Rose, I’ll distract her by singing her favourite song!”  

He sang and he sang and he sang and Mrs Grumpet (the crumpet) nearly forgot where she was or who she was looking for.  

But My Flyder’s voice was getting tired and Mrs Grumpet (the crumpet) was about to remember.  

BUT just then, Humphrey’s other friend Super Benji called out: “don’t worry My Flyder, Humphrey and Rosie, I’ll distract her by showing her my amazing shiny cape!” 

It was a very shiny cape and Mrs Grumpet (the crumpet) couldn’t stop looking at it. She forgot all about Humphrey and Rosie and decided to go and have a bath to wash off all that porridge! 

“Friends are the best!” laughed Humphrey and Rosie as they headed to the park to play a game of tag. 

The end