Discover how we’ve been connecting with local children through art.

During lockdown, we have been working hard to keep in contact with the local community where we can. Although weekly visits to the Museum by local nurseries have had to be halted, it has been very important to us to continue to be part of the children’s school week.

Since February, we have been sending weekly Art Explorer Boxes to the children of key workers from our Thursday nursery groups. The boxes are packed with materials to experiment with, alongside a making activity that links to the story of the Foundling Hospital. Activities have included making artwork inspired by the foundlings’ medals, and also recreating the Foundling Hospital school uniforms. The boxes allow the children to get to know our Collections from their classrooms, ready for when they can return to the Museum.

One local nursery worker said:

This [medal making] activity was lovely. The children sat for ages, sticking and creating their medal. Some made several. At the end of the day, we had the medal ceremony where all of the other children said something nice about their friend as a reason for awarding the medal and we pinned it on them. They all ran out to their parents glowing and telling them how they had won a medal. Honestly left us with such a warm feeling of positively – so thank you for providing it. Looking forward to next week.

We hope these activities will keep the children stimulated and enable creative freedom during this difficult time.