Cultivating Charitable Benevolence
Cultivating Charitable Benevolence

Cultivating Charitable Benevolence

40 Brunswick Square London WC1N 1AZ
07 May 2017
  • Talks
Dr. Andrew Rudd gives a talk exploring the role of literature and art in cultivating charitable behaviour.

15:00, free with Museum admission

What role did stories and images play in attitudes towards charity in the eighteenth century? What role do they still play today? Dr Andrew Rudd, lecturer in eighteenth-century and Romantic literature, gives a talk exploring these questions, drawing on a rich selection of historical material as well as modern charity publicity.

Dr. Andrew Rudd is Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature at the University of Exeter. He previously worked at the Charity Commission for England and Wales, following a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He has held numerous Fellowships and is the author of Sympathy and India in British Literature, 1770-1830 (Palgrave, 2011).