Artists-in-Residence Event: Pavilion
Artists-in-Residence Event: Pavilion

Artists-in-Residence Event: Pavilion

40 Brunswick Square London WC1N 1AZ
22 Apr 2016
  • Artists’ Projects
  • Special Events
Doors 18:00, event 18:30
Tickets £5

Pavilion (Sophie Yetton and Gabriel Birch) present new works developed during their time as Artists-in-Residence at the Museum. Their research has focused on adopting collage and video montage to explore re-imagined mythologies for the Foundling Museum, creating videos and objects that unravel a fictional path through the Collection. Ticket price includes a set of non-editioned prints by Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin and Paula Rego, only available to ticket holders on the night.

Pavilion is the collaborative artist duo Sophie Yetton and Gabriel Birch, who are based in South East London. Their work uses a variety of mediums to expose a dialogue between the fiction and function of art. Previous work has manifested itself as small architectures for gallery spaces, that operate simultaneously as installation pieces and as display devices for other art works.

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